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79732350 Dogrescue- copy by lichtie
79732350 Dogrescue- copy

Fire crews rescued a dog which fell through ice while chasing a duck across a frozen pond.

The animal was plucked from the water by fire fighters after falling through the thin ice in Arbroath on Saturday.

Crews used axes to break up the ice before wading in to rescue the animal, which was safely returned to its owners.

Sorry for the dog (and the ducks), but the owners should have had the poor beast under better control or on a lead.
The last is only my personal opinion.



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david s. potter
United Kingdom

Hunger in the UK

4 million

people at risk of going hungry


food banks across big cities and towns

  • 500,000 children live in families that can't afford to feed them

  • 3.5 million adults cannot afford to eat properly

"FEED THE POOR-EAT THE RICH"- or at least make them pay their taxes. The 'Rich' and MP's get salary increases and virtually uncapped bonus schemes for fraud, corruption, lies and false accounting, while others live below "....a liveable wage... or starve....freeze in the winter and are homeless. is it a surprise that David 'Ca- moron' disagrees with the EU that million £ bonuses should be capped.
One of his arguments is that 'capping would drive talent and business away from the City of London'. Bollocks! If the talent is so good, why do the banks, etcetera, keep needing bailed out by the tax payers on 'frozen' below inflation wage rises? MNC's (multi-national corporations) avoid paying taxes by many dubious means, usually with connivance of equally corrupt and greedy accountants and lawyers who circumvent the poorly written and enforced laws and Acts of Parliament.

At the same time, T. May the Home Secretary is intent on turning this country in a 'monitored'  authoritarian state where we all spy on each other.
Welcome to the Tories' "BRAVE NEW WORLD" of the 21st Century.


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Not only am I clueless, but am tuneless as well. I used to play the piano, but I think all I could do now is find 'middle C'.

Maybe, nice with some nice, gentle smooth jazz?

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